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Secure Email Solutions for Non Profit Organizations

Non Profit Organizations - Changing Technology and Email Security

501(c) non-profit organizations are often asked to complete large tasks and achieve big goals, but with small budgets. With many worthy goals and visions for a better future ahead of them, how can a non-profit organization with limited resources achieve compliance with recommended security protocols?

If your Non-Profit Organization (NPO) accepts credit cards to help fund your mission, you must use Payment Card Industry (PCI) precautions and standards to safeguard that information. If you are involved with healthcare initiatives, you may fall under HIPPA oversight. Other industries may be subject to other regulations.

You may not have in-house IT staff available to set up your own customer email software system to help you send email securely. And now you do not need to. The Net Atlantic Secure Email Suite has all you need to operate in full compliance of many regulatory authorities, while at the same time safeguarding your customers, clients and donors from problems.

As a non-profit, you've got plenty to think about already. Some challenges you face already may include:

  1. Hiring and retaining a quality workforce on a non-profit budget
  2. Fundraising and development in a competitive landscape
  3. Choosing and adopting technology solutions for a modern world and workforce
  4. Changing government regulations, rule changes, and new tax reform that may dis-incentivize contributions
  5. Membership, sponsorship, and finding new advocates and funding sources
  6. Clustering with other similar NPOs to gain scaling and operational efficiencies
  7. Reduced assistance from state and federal governments
  8. Quarterly pressure to demonstrate and report on results from your efforts
  9. Increased demand and need for your services without enough budget to provide those services
  10. Budgeting predictably and consistently from year to year when income and funding can be inconsistent

The Net Atlantic Solution

Let the experts at Net Atlantic help you deploy a secure email system for your office and professional team. We fully support super-simple integrations with G Suite, Office 365, and Microsoft Exchange. In fact, our Secure Message Suite is by far the easiest secure email system to deploy and use. Once set up, you never have to think about it again, as all email messages sent are encrypted.

As an added value, consider the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technologies which adds an additional layer to scan and protect inbound email from insecure emails. This ensures full protection for your employees, and protects against hacking, phishing, and bad actors.

Regulatory legislation and industry organizations for Non-Profit Organizations can sometimes include:

U.S. Federal Government 501(c)(3) IRS code
National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities - Codes
State Governments in which the Non Profit Organizations are located