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Secure Encrypted Email Solutions for Business

Challenges Using Secure Email for Business

Businesses of all kinds have a responsibility to safeguard client information, client communications, sensitive corporate information, and much more. Sometimes safeguards are mandated by law, and at other times the decision to operate business email communications in a secure manner is a business decision.

Your business may or may not hold or keep personal health information (PHI), social security numbers, credit card numbers, account numbers, email addresses, or other information that may be personally identifiable. If your business does, important safeguards should be instituted. If your business does not have or keep this information, you may still want to communicate securely for other reasons.

When company workers are remote and outside of a corporate network or firewall, secure email communications can make even more sense.

Naturally, email communications that should probably be sent securely are those that contain legal information or advice, finance and investment information, health information, banking information, client information, corporate strategy, intellectual property (IP), patent and trademark information, business negotiations, contracts and agreements, strategic plans, competitiveness research, and many other types of proprietary and unique company information.

Challenges facing all businesses today include malware, phishing, confidential data becoming exposed, stolen devices, weak passwords, data breaches, unauthorized access, disgruntled workers, loss of intellectual property, bring your own device (BYOD) policies, and more. Of all these risks, the most common way that confidential information gets exposed is through email.

The three most common ways thieves use email to attack companies is:

  1. Phishing - sending an email that looks legitimate to the target person at a company who then gets taken to a fake web site
  2. Man in the Middle Attack (MITM) - when a hacker secretly relays communication between two parties who believe they are communicating directly
  3. Password Guessing - with data breaches now widespread, passwords are now more easily mined and used to gain access to other accounts owned by users.

The Net Atlantic Solution

The Net Atlantic Secure Email Suite solution encrypts and safeguards all outbound email messages and replies to those emails. Additionally, the Suite includes Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technologies which adds an additional layer of security to scan and protect inbound email from insecure emails. This ensures full protection for your employees.

A typical onerous legacy-type of email encryption service requires both the sender and recipient to install software ahead of time. You may have to exchange encryption keys, sign up for a new account, or navigate complex configuration settings. Not with Net Atlantic. Our Secure Message Suite is the easiest to use secure email encryption service anywhere. Set it up once and never think about it again. You're protected. Every email you send is protected, automatically.

If you are looking to reduce your business risk, protect confidential information, avoid identity theft, reduce the chance of phishing, and mitigate other risks that businesses commonly face, consider the Net Atlantic Secure Message Suite.

Our Secure Message Suite integrates seamlessly with:
G Suite, Office 365, and Microsoft Exchange

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