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Welcome to Net Atlantic's Secure Message Suite, home for a suite of leading, best-in-class secure encrypted email services and solutions.

Our flagship product is our Secure Send Email encrypted service. Put simply, it is the easiest to use HIPAA compliant, HITRUST certified, and FINRA compliant email sending solution available. Not only do you save time and money with its ease of use, but compliance is simple and automatic. Now you can be fully protected and in compliance at all times.

HITRUST and HIPAA CertifiedBut is it really all that simple to use? How about: no encryption keys, no downloads, no passwords, no plugins, no portals, and no change in behavior for either the email sender or receiver!

Browse our suite of products and services, and let us know if you have any questions about how the services work. We're here to help you be in compliance and stay in compliance.

New: HITRUST (The Health Information Trust Alliance) Certified! 

Secure Send Email

Secure Send Email is the simplest, easiest-to-use HIPAA compliant, HITRUST certified, and FINRA compliant email service available. Gone are the days of retrieving and copying access keys, multiple logins, or forgetting to turn on encryption. The service is automatic, and ensures full compliance from all professional staff. There's never been an easier-to-use secure email service.
No encryption keys, no downloads, no passwords, no plugins, no portals, and no change in behavior for either the email sender or receiver. [Learn More]

Secure Email API

Secure Email API makes it easy and convenient to connect your own platform to our secure sending API encrypted mail servers. With the robust infrastructure we offer combined with an easy to connect to library of API calls, you can send your email easily though the Net Atlantic Secure Email API. [Learn More]

Secure Data Loss Prevention (DLP) with Email Archiving

Data Loss is a major concern for all organizations, large or small. Now you can provide this service to all professional staff easily and affordably. Set it and forget it.

The Data Loss Prevention (DLP) service automatically scans all outbound email for critical sensitive information: account numbers, patient numbers, social security numbers, and much more. If sensitive information is found, email is stopped and quarantined, and awaits further action from a supervisor or email administrator.

Secure email archiving means messages are encrypted during export, storage and retrieval in order to protect the integrity of PHI and prevent attacks. Since the archived emails cannot be edited or deleted, they are also tamper-proof.

With the Net Atlantic secure email archive solution, it removes the burden from organizations to sore email on their own servers, but still makes the email available to be readily and easily searched when needed. [Learn More]

Encrypted Contact Forms

Encrypted Contact Forms automate the process of reading data into your email inbox securely. All forms are optimized to work on any device: desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphones.

Eliminate paper, document scanning, and manual entry errors with Encrypted Contact Forms. Branded to your practice, the secure contact forms include all common basic fields. Also, 50 MB attachments are allowed. It's a great solution to solve a common problem, securely. [Learn More]


Secure Encrypted Email Data SheetExecutive Summary - For a one-page summary of all four services please see our Executive Summary Data Sheet